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NAACP Youth Branch 2017 MLK March

Branch Chair: Donikia Gray

The Youth Branch marched in the 2017 MLK Parade. The youth held quotes from MLK, encouraging quotes such as “No unity, no community” “Be cool & stay in school” “Say NO to gangs” The youth were excited and enjoyed marching and saying powerful chants.

Civic Engagement:

The Youth Branch held their 1st annual Civic Engagement Workshop on June 17, 2017 at the Blackwell Cultural center. Topics discussed were:

Legal-Attn. Neffatara Clark (Clark & Clark)

Suffrage-Attn. John Clark (Clark & Clark)

Parenting-Carolyn Bolton (Toddler’s Lane)

Mental Health- Tonya Gray (Advantage Behavior)

Gang Prevention/Education- Donikia Gray (Athens-Clarke County Sheriff’s Office)

Youth Peaceful Protest

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