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Phyllis Blake is the 1st woman elected president of Georgia NAACP

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

The Georgia NAACP has a long and important history in the civil rights struggle in the state. Now the role of leadership of the Georgia NAACP has been passed to its new president Phyllis Blake. A vote was held at the quarterly meeting held in Macon, Georgia last month and Blake was one of several officers elected to new posts in the organization.

Mrs. Phyllis Thomas Blake, President, NAACP Georgia State Conference, was elected as President, January 27, 2018. She was elected as 1st Vice-President in 2015 and ascended to President on July 22, 2017. Mrs. Blake served as Political Action Committee Chairman in 2014-2015. In 2012, Mrs. Blake was contracted by the National NAACP Corporate Office as the Georgia Civic Engagement Coordinator. Georgia was one of the 12 Deep-Dive states that the NAACP identified to implement its “This Is My Vote Campaign!”  This Campaign built the largest voter registration and mobilization campaign in the Association history.  Under Mrs. Blake’s leadership, the Georgia Campaign added over 50,000 voters to the rolls and mobilized over 100,000 plus voters to vote. Georgia ranked #2 out of the 12 Deep Dive states for voter registration and mobilization.  Mrs. Blake has secured grants for GOTV funding and mobilization throughout the years. Mrs. Blake was hired as the NAACP Southeast Region Census Manager in 2010 where she coordinated the seven (7) southeastern states campaign to identify the “Hard to Count” citizens to insure that they were counted.

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